Årsmöte och seminarium 2021


This year we would like to acknowledge the development of Garden History as a subject of study and the historiography of garden history in the Nordic countries, but also celebrate the 25-year anniversary of Garden History Forum, which was last year 2020. Doing so, we invite a wide spectrum of our own members to talk about their relationship with garden history and how they experience the development of the subject over the years. As an addition, we will discuss this in smaller groups, to summarise our experiences and to identify challenges and opportunities for the future.

Our invited keynote speaker, Professor Erik de Jong, University of Amsterdam, was invited as a speaker at the very first seminar of Garden History Forum in Lund, 1995. Now we re-invite him, to celebrate with us, but also to talk about of the core issues of the theory and practice of gardening and garden history – the relationship between Art & Nature, and how it has shaped the concept of the garden over time.

See full programme here: http://www.gardenhistoryforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Seminar-2021.pdf