Välkommen till Forum för trädgårdshistorisk forskning!

The Garden History Forum and NMBU’s School of Landscape Architecture invite you to an international seminar on different perspectives of the restoration of gardens in Denmark, Norway and Germany. 11-12 October 2018.

Reconstructing Gardens

WHEN: 11-12 October 2018
WHERE: Festsalen (Room U215), Clock Building, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Ås, Norway. Directions

This seminar on Reconstructing Gardens is arranged as a collaboration between the interdisciplinary network Garden History Forum and the School of Landscape Architecture at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in Ås, Norway. The seminar will focus on different perspectives of restoration and reconstruction of gardens, mainly in Denmark, Norway and Germany. Projects at NMBU’s Ås Campus will be used as examples to frame the seminar’s theme.

Next year, Ås is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of education in garden art at NMBU, 1919-2019. Olav L. Moen led the garden art programme 1919-51 and made a great impact on the development of garden art and landscape architecture as professions in Norway. NMBU’s campus park in Ås is Moen’s masterpiece, and was used as an outdoor reference in his educational work. Today, the park is listed and in recent years it has undergone major restoration and reconstruction. Formal elements from the 1920s, as well as more naturalistic water garden installations from the 1940s have been reconstructed.

All seminar participants will be guided through these reconstructions and will also hear about reconstruction works and  at Amaliehaven and Fredensborg Palace Gardens in Denmark, and the Palace Garden of Schwetzingen. 

Seminar fee

There is a reduced fee for Forum members. If you are not a member yet, this is a good opportunity to join. To join the Forum, please contact the Forum board in good time before the seminar. The annual membership fee is 350 SEK. Apply for membership to the Garden History Forum New membership applications have to be sent to Forum before 1 September 2018.

The seminar fees are:
Members 610 NOK (660 SEK) / Non-members 830 NOK (900 SEK)

The seminar fee includes:

  • Entrance to the event
  • Lunch and refreshments on 11-12 October
  • Field trip on 12 October

For more info, programme and registration: see http://bit.ly/2uf7GV8

Facebook event page (share and invite!): https://www.facebook.com/events/204727006895218/


Om / About

Forum för trädgårdshistorisk forskning är en förening och en tvärvetenskaplig sammanslutning av forskare, forskarstuderande och praktiker inom olika yrkeskategorier som har en inriktning mot, och ett stort engagemang för, trädgårdshistoriska frågor.

Föreningen bildades 1995 med syfte att verka för samarbete och vetenskapligt utbyte mellan forskare inom skilda discipliner i ämnet trädgårdshistoria och har idag drygt 80 medlemmar inom olika yrkeskategorier och discipliner. Vårt medlemsnätverk är framförallt nordiskt men har även medlemmar från andra delar av Europa.

Forum för trädgårdshistorisk forskning anordnar årliga seminarier och ger också ut Bulletin för trädgårdshistorisk forskning (ISSN 1652-2362).

Garden History Forum is an interdisciplinary network for academics and professionals pursuing garden history research and/or work with historic gardens in different aspects. The network is mainly Nordic, but has members from other parts of Europe. Forum arranges annual seminars and publishes a bulletin (see link) with English summaries.